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Leverhulme Lectures at Imperial College, London (Fall 2009) The flexibility and mobility of frameworks
Lecture 1 Why are some structures stable and others flexible? pptx (33MB)
Lecture 2 Flexibility and materials pptx (12MB)
Lecture 3 Flexibility and biological function pptx (112MB)

Talk given at York University (50th anniversary), Toronto- February 2008 (recorded).

Talk given at Banff Summer School - summer 2008 (recorded).

From ACS news - Flexweb is a portal that hosts a variety of information related to the study of rigidity, flexibility, and motion within molecular structures such as proteins, DNA, and RNA.

NSF report on The Role of Theory in Biological Physics and Materials co-authored by Michael F. Thorpe and Anders. E. Carlsson.

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